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Invisible Fence Replacement Battery Comparision

 A better Invisible Fence Replacement Battery - The Perimeter Difference

On the surface, the Perimeter battery looks like any other Invisible Fence Replacement battery, but it's actually specially-designed to outperform its competition. Most pet fence batteries use 3-volt lithium ion technology for trustworthy power, last up to 4 months, and require no tools to install, but the similarities start to fall away there. Unfortunately for the competition, those details matter when it comes pet fence safety.

While both batteries are made from water-tight ABS thermoplastic—a material used for its resistance, and strength—the way Perimeter pet fence batteries are designed creates a much more secure and reliable system.

When it comes to your pet's safety, don't you want to know that in addition to the standard pet fence battery, you can get extra assurance? With a Perimeter battery, you also get the benefit of superior design and technology:

Tamper Proof means that no child or dog is going to damage the battery as they play, jump, run, and rough house, keeping your system stable no matter how rough-and-tumble your family.

Stronger Contact is a design difference that ensures less chance of a short or battery failure. The battery will keep working, shaken or stirred!

Corrosion Resistance keeps a battery from malfunctioning from corrosion—an all-to-common occurrence in all types of batteries. Resistance technology limits this risk.

Price comes down to a simple question: why pay more for system that could short out when you can have the most stable battery technology available for less?

You and your pet deserve the best, safest, most reliable pet fence battery you can get. When you can get above-standard performance for less than the standard price, you are being smart and thoughtful for both you and your pet. Add that to the ease of ordering and our dedication to quick shipping, and you're getting the best deal anywhere. Now that's a bargain!


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